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Professional Interpreters

Our professional interpreters prepare with your material for your conference. We work for private companies, international organisations, associations with international ties, governments und news media. To ensure professional quality, we employ interpreters with an outstanding competence in language and culture. We see ourselves as intermediators between people from different language and cultural backgrounds.

Two interpreters per language pair

To dub a conference without breaks requires a high level of concentration. As concentration lowers after some time, our interpreters work in teams. Thus, whilst one interpreter gives his or her full concentration to the conference, the other can refresh him- or herself before taking over. Normally, a team consists of two interpreters and takes the responsibility for one language pair, e.g. German/English and vice versa.

One interpreter booth per team

One interpreter booth is needed per language team. We are happy to offer you the full range of conference equipment. This allows you to purchase all services from one source. Our sound technician takes care of the sound in your convention hall or meeting room and ensures, the interpreters and the audience are always supplied with perfect sound. Our technician makes sure to put the right language version to the several channels for the headsets. Thus the audience may relax, and everybody will listen to their chosen language version.

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