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Consecutive Interpreters



We have a long list of colleagues who interpret a broad variety of languages. Thus we can render services of consecutive interpreters for almost any language.

Fields of work

Consecutive interpreters speak in turns with the people who wish to talk to each other, as opposed to dubbing speeches (simultaneous interpretation). The latter would be rather confusing for the attendants, if no microphones and headphones are used.

Legal expertise

Especially for formal negotiations with a notary or with government offices, we avail you with interpreters with legal expertise.

Notary negotiations

In a notary negotiation situation, it is mandatory that the interpreter makes queries. It is the idea of this type of confirmation process to make sure that each party understands all, including the meaning and consequences of their declarations before they sign. If the interpreter has a doubt, the parties are unlikely to have fully understood the relevant points. Our consecutive interpreters make sure that you understand a contract before you sign it.

Business negotiations

Do you expect a visit from abroad? Are you planning a trip abroad? If you do not speak the language of your negotiation partners, you need an interpreter. Moreover, even if you might be able to make yourself understood, using the services of an interpreter shows your negotiation partner that you give importance to your meeting. In many negotiaition situations, consecutive interpretation is sufficient and appropriate. Alternatively, you may also use simultaneous interpretation with the relevant technical equipment.

Marriage Ceremonies, Registered Partnerships, Recognition of Paternity

When you get married or have your life partnership registered, you accept far-reaching legal consequences. The same applies to the recognition of paternity. Therefore, all legal recordings and declarations must be made through an independent interpreter, if the notary or registrar is unable to communicate directly with all people involved. This applies both to the application for marriage and the actual marriage ceremony. Taking into account that you will make legal declarations and that it is not sufficient that the registrar explains something you do not fully understand, this sort of negotiation requires consecutive interpretation. Moreover, maybe you wish that the foreign guests will also understand the speeches at the party. We are happy to interpret at your wedding party as well. 


In particular before surgery or in complex medical conditions, a professional interpreter is needed to communicate between the patient and physician or surgeon. If a surgeon operates on a patient without having received effective consent from the patient, the surgeon commits a felony of grievous bodily harm, which may lead to the cancellation of his licence to practise. Only when the patient has effectively agreed, the bodily harm becomes exempt from punishment. If the patient has not understood all of the diagnosis, the prospects of success and failure, his consent will not be effective. Surgery without effective consent may only be undertaken when there is no time to ask the patient and the patient is unable to communicate owing to his condition (e.g. unconscious). If communication fails only owing to language barriers, the surgeon will be punishable. 

Often, patients' children are asked by physicians and surgeons to step in as an 'interpreter'. When the medical situation is uncomplicated, this may be acceptable in some cases. However, it is certainly not acceptable to talk through the children about conditions in the private areas, life-threatening situations or complex medical conditions.

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