Wir leben alle Sprachen.

Flexible times - very individual

As flexible as private one-to-one classes for a nice group price.

What do you mean by 'closed group'?

You tell us who you want to be in the same group with you. Register your language classes jointly with friends or colleagues. As a 'closed group' you enjoy the same advantages as in private tuition. This course format allows you to cover special fields of the language although you are in a group course. Likewise, you may learn a less frequently taught language in a group.

Languages and levels offered

In private lessons and closed groups with abc-multilingua you may generally take up any language. We even offer rare languages at the same prices as German or English. Of course, your classes with us will always be at your specific level als your teacher will always adapt to your needs.

Price per tuition hour (45 minutes)

StudentPrice per StudentPrice for Group
223.50 euros47.00 euros
317.00 euros51.00 euros
413.75 euros55.00 euros
511.80 euros59.00 euros

Group size: 2 to 5 students
Class times: Mon to Sat from 8:15 am to 10 pm.
Booking fee: 30.00 euros (Booking fee waived for any booking of 20 tuition hours or more, if paid timely.)

Course dates

You may agree your course start and class times with us at your own convenience.


We recommend to make an appointment at our office before enrolment. Depending on the language you wish to learn, we will do a placement test with you free of charge. Take this opportunity to see our class rooms and talk to us before you make up your mind.

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