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In-Country Language Courses and Accomodation

Here we provide links to language training centres in other countries that we are happy to recommend. You may get in touch with the relevant school directly or ask us for advice and assistance with your booking. We are happy to help you. There is no additional cost for you by using our assistance.

We have been counselling students on language courses abroad since 1992. 'It all started with one Spanish school in Salamanca after a one-year stay in that city. Soon I added further schools from different countries, after evaluating their quality. Also the partnership with the University of Pennsylvania relies on my personal experience with classes in their English Language Program. The eficiency of classes at ELP left a strong impression with me.' (Hans Seelhorst)

Still, the normal legal reservations apply: We are not responsible for the contents of the linked pages, as we cannot influence their contents. We are unable to regularly check those sites for any illicit or prohibited content. The contractual relations to students and customers and the duty to render services correctly is the sole responsibility of the relevant schools. Only if the enrolment process is made through us, will we assist in the settlement of any disagreement betwen student/customer and school and eventually urge a school to come up to their contractual duties towards our customers.

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