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Power courses - 'Bildungsurlaub'

40 tuition hours in only 5 days (one-week course)
80 tuition hours in 2 weeks (two-weeks course)

- recognised as 'Bildungsurlaub' under Nds. BildUG -

Languages*: German, English, French, Italian, Persian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish

Levels: from total beginners to the highest levels of excellency

Price: 749 euros per week plus 30 euros enrolment fee

Group size: max. 5 students per group

Class times: 8:15 am to 4:45 pm

Our Power Courses have been recognised as 'Bildungsurlaub' under Article 10 paragraph 1 NBildUG. This means that most employees have the right for a special leave from work to attend this course. However, this does not mean that your employer has a duty to pay the course fees.

Holidays: If one of the regular course days (Mon to Fri) is a bank holiday, classes will normally be shifted from that day to Saturday.

* If you wish to learn a language that we do not offer as a 'Power Course', please refer to our pages for private classes.

Our power courses give you the opportunity to improve your language skills intensively within one or two weeks. As a total beginner, you can achieve a basic level to build on in your new language. As a more advanced student you may convert your theoretical knowledge into active use.

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