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Power Course Persian - Super-Intensive One-Week Farsi Course

Learn Persian in a small group with a maximum of 5 students, one week (or two), 8 tuition hours per day, from Monday to Friday. Of course, we place only students in the same group with you if they match your level.

Already in the total beginners course, students learn to communicate in typical situations. This includes a basic vocabulary and simple strutures for questions and statements. Our Persian classes are completely in Persian. This makes you learn quickly and to grasp the meaning of words and structures without need for translation.

One typical problem to Europeans who wish to learn Persian is Arabic writing. Although Persian is an Indo-European language, Arabic characters are used to write it. This leads to two major problems:

First of all, it is difficult for an adult to learn new signs with totally different aesthitics and to combine them with phonemes (sound values). Secondly, the definition of Arabic signs leads to problems with representing Persian phonemes as the sound systems of Persian and Arabic are very different, the latter being an Afro-Asiatic language. When you wish to write a Persian word based on its pronunciation, you may have the choice between several characters, where only one option is correct. But even when you want to read Persian text, half of the sounds are not represented. You cannot read a text unless you know the contained words. Consequently, Arabic writing for Persian text only makes sense if you know the contained words well.

Both problems lead to the same solution: If you have been brought up with Latin writing, you should learn new language content in Persian in Latin writing. Only when you have become familiar with the content for months will it make sense to shift this content to Arabic writing. Now it will not be difficult for you to learn it.

This is why we use Latin writing in the beginners and medium levels. Our transcription system follows the phonetics of Ketabi. It was on purpose that we have not represented any orthographic rules of Arabic writing in Persian when defining this system. We have also disregarded what differences between related languages are represented in scientific transcription systems.

We offer Persian courses on diverse levels. With us, students who come from courses in other schools have the opportunity to convert their theoretical knowledge into pratical use and to extend their vocabulary. We will also teach you more structure. Depending on the fields of interest, our Persian courses may go into different fields.

Our Power Courses have been recognised for 'Bildungsurlaub' by the State of Lower Saxony. To exercise your right to a special leave for Bildungsurlaub, you should register in good time. Your application together with our confirmation of booking should be presented to your employer at least 4 weeks before the course starts.

Unless otherwise stated, the following courses are for one week.


The prices for our 'Power Courses' are listed on the main page for Bildungsurlaub.

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