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A good translation office requires people who understand what they read and write. Moreover, a translator uses little of his time to write down what is easy to translate. It is once in a while that he comes across something that turns out to be difficult to translate. Either he has difficulties understanding what the author wishes to say, or he does not easily find a way to express in the target language what he perfectly understands in the original. He may have to sit back and think and use time for investigation. This is a task that only a well-experienced translator can do. The best possible software will not help. This is an important reason why you will not find offers for automatic translations with us: It does not work. Another point is that weak translations are preserved and used forever, once you allow them to enter a translation memory system.

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Technical Translations
- all translations that do not require a formal confirmation, e.g. technical documentation, user manuals, legal text, medical text.

Certified translations - Translations that need a formal confirmation for completeness and accuracy of the translation.

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