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Notary documents, register documents, contracts, ...

Almost any language
Our experienced translators prepare exact translations from and into almost any language.

Renowned for reliability and exactness
Translations of documents to be presented to the government or courts require trust. You may take our translations anywhere without problems. We have earned our outstanding reputation over many years.

Falsification-proof and convincing
It is not only when you read our translations carefully, that you feel they are trustworthy. Already the first impression gives you the clear idea of it. We always connect photocopies of the translated originals under seal to our translations.

Legal background
To make good translations of legal text, the translator must have a knowledge of law. You may trust us also with difficult legal texts.
Personal advice

We are happy to give advice to you. We often see customers come to us with many documents that do not really need to be translated. Depending on the purpose, there may also be the need to receive legalisation of documents (e.g. an Apostille) before translating them. Of course, we are also happy to give you advice over the phone.

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