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Technical translations

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Almost any language
We do most of our translation work in our own office. When a translation cannot be done by anyone in our office, we work with selected freelancers and normally even have translators for less frequently required languages and fields of expertise.

Difficult texts
Translation of technical text requires an open mind and good investigation. A translator needs to easily work in any technical field. Engineering and medical texts refer mostly to recent developments that have not yet been reflected in dictionaries. In spite of all these dificulties, our experienced translators prepare translations that take the most recent developments in technical language into account and respect your specific corporate vocabulary.

Handmade with Modern Software
Of course, we use suitable software to edit or rewrite text that you send us by electronic means. You can open and use the translation and process it like the original data file. However, our translations are still handmade. Machine translation does not come up to our requirements for high quality. 

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